Can’t Keep Up? Which New Social Networks to Consider or Ignore (Part 3)

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I’ve begun dabbling in other social networks, just to see what kind of things are popping up now that Facebook had its less-than-stellar IPO. Although I still see Facebook hanging around for quite a while, there are definitely some others that may be worth noting.

Path not Pinterest
Path – The mobile-only network


You can’t talk about emerging social networks without bringing up Path. I won’t spend too much time discussing this one, as I’ve actually already written a blog post reviewing it here. There are still some aspects of Path that could bear improvement, and for me it’s still not quite engaging, since I haven’t succumbed to adding a bunch of randos yet. I think it sorely needs some sort of way to search out common interests for those of us who don’t have a bunch of friends on it. Otherwise, it’s a great mobile app with a fluid interface. If you haven’t checked it out yet, it’s worth a look, especially if you’re heavily involved in the mobile sphere.

Another network that just came to my attention as emerging is Social Dashboard. I came across this article thanks to, and I have requested to be accepted as a beta tester. For now, you can read up on this “socially conscious” network (or is it a browser? Not sure yet). The big deal with this network is that there’s a major focus on respecting user privacy, not profiting from user information, and streamlining with other networks. Sounds interesting and I hope to get more information to share soon!

5 years ago Facebook replaced MySpace. 2 years ago the movie “Social Network” exposed Facebook’s beginnings. Today, Facebook’s User Agreement permits them to sell your behaviors to the highest bidder. Social Dashboard is being developed as the next leading social network. Palo Alto, CA (PRWEB…

Also, after my Part 2 blog post, I received some information from LoveIt. I think it’s great that they’re paying attention to what’s being said about their product, and that they’re following up on it. They notified me that there are some specific differences between LoveIt and Pinterest, such as allowing private collections, recommendations to others, organizational tools, and users can also follow original sources that posted the image. The organizational tool is pretty nice, because it allows you to move multiple items at once. You can grab from many different collections and drag them to one location, as indicated in the video below. I may not give up on LoveIt quite yet.

I’ll likely do a wrap up in Part 4, with one more network that I just started looking into. This one takes social to a local level. Be sure not to miss it!

Now go get your social on!

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I am a marketing professional with a specific interest in creating connections through social media and digital marketing. Confessed coffee addict, social media nerd, and office supplies junkie. Feel free to contact me and start up a conversation!

2 thoughts on “Can’t Keep Up? Which New Social Networks to Consider or Ignore (Part 3)”

  1. Actively listening, responding and creating the best possible user experience is most important to us at LoveIt. We want to here from our users. What works, what doesn’t, what features are on your wish list etc. Thank you for the 2nd look Rob and we look forward to further feedback from you and your readers!

    1. Absolutely. I’m big on customer service and when a business shows that they’re interested and actively engaged with their community, that warrants more attention. I look forward to seeing what you guys are capable of doing as your further develop LoveIt into a visually engaging and unique platform for your users. Thanks for checking and and leaving your comment!

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