5 thoughts on “Why Google Currents May Steal Flipboard Users (and why that makes me sad)”

  1. Hi Rob, great article – thanks. I also use Flipboard and Currents, but also use Zite, Skygrid and Pulse. I use each one for different reasons, and to uncover different types of content. I also like switching between them for a change of ‘scenery’. Interestingly when I need a rapid fix of content on a given topic, I always use feedler pro – it’s faster and more to the point! Let me know if you’ve tried any others too??

    1. Holy wow! I can hardly keep up using Flipboard, Currents and Hootsuite. I’ll have to dabble with the others a bit and see if any of them get me hooked. Do you have a suggestion on the first one I should start with?
      Thanks for reading and commenting! I appreciate the feedback, and I apparently have some work to put in now 😉

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