Rise of the Social Homepages

Time is becoming a very precious thing indeed. Trying to keep up on blogs, social networks, news, friends, family, work, and having non-computer related experiences create a life of constant pull on our attention. This constant pull in a gazillion different directions is exactly why I think these “Social homepages” are becoming more and more relevant. I’ve only joined two so far, and each has some functionalities that they can boast. Basically, they connect all of your social status updates and put them in a visual ‘homepage’ where one can visit and see everything that you’re sharing. The key here is the visual element. Photos you take, images pulled from links, videos; all these create a visually engaging aesthetic that will save your friends and followers time from visiting all of your networks. Let’s take a look at them.

Social networks all in one place

RebelMouse was created by by the former CTO of The Huffington Post, Paul Berry. It’s still in beta but is receiving a huge amount of buzz. Features have already been added from when I first received my invite. You can now embed your RebelMouse into your website or blog, thus making all your social updates visible from either. This is huge because your customers, potential clients, or friends don’t have to leave the place you’re putting your best work, as well as your products or services. You also have the ability to highlight certain posts that you want to stay stationary and maintain good real estate on your page, which I love!  As of right now, RebelMouse allows you to pull updates from Facebook profiles and pages, Twitter (you’ll need to use either to create your account) and just recently, Instagram. In an interview on July 9th, Paul Berry states that more networks are coming, such as Google+ and Tumblr. You can also manually add stories, which I imagine people who fully embrace their RebelMouse page as a homepage will be doing often. You can create separate RebelMouse pages for Facebook pages of which you are an admin, which is a great advantage to admins of multiple pages that aren’t really related. You can view others in your Facebook or Twitter networks that are using RebelMouse and follow their pages. Since it’s still in public beta, I can’t wait to see what new things come out of this already-popular platform.

glos.si for social networks

I was actually reached out to on Twitter by glos.si’s co-founder Sandy Lin while tweeting about RebelMouse (good poaching!). Since I dug RebelMouse, I figured it was worth a look, and I set up my own glos.si page. The first thing I noticed was that glos.si takes the same approach that Klout does and connects just about every social network under the sun. The designers to a great job of helping users show off their networks by listing them with icons in the profile heading. This is nice, just in case followers want to go and focus solely on a single network. glos.si uses the same idea I mention above for RebelMouse of creating something visually engaging, with your Foursquare updates staying stationary on the right and your other updates visually represented in tiled columns to the left. The option to change your view between images, articles, videos and everything makes reading pages a breeze. You also get to choose a background image, thus creating an even more personalized experience. The site uses a pretty cool randomized search to allow you to connect with other glos.si users not already in your other networks. As for connecting with friends using glos.si, you can only search Facebook and Twitter. One feature that I find really cool is the Newsstand feature. This creates a glos.si page of updates from everyone you follow, saving you even more time.

RebelMouse is already a slick platform with a very believable promise that there’s more to come. glos.si has a great interface already, and is strides ahead of RebelMouse since it was started back in September last year. Once RebelMouse comes of out beta, these two will certainly be in head to head competition. I’ll be interested to see where the two of them go.

Are you using either of these sites? Are there other “social homepage” sites that you’ve come across? Let me know below with your comments.

Thanks for reading. Now go get your social on!

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Author: robzie

I am a marketing professional with a specific interest in creating connections through social media and digital marketing. Confessed coffee addict, social media nerd, and office supplies junkie. Feel free to contact me and start up a conversation!

8 thoughts on “Rise of the Social Homepages”

  1. I have a RebelMouse page, a glos.si page and one more that just started – Hypemarks. I like features of all of them. Have had great success in communicating fixes and ideas with the RM folks and am thrilled with their embed feature. glos.si’s ability to tie in more networks at this time is beneficial. Hypemarks has some real potential and doesn’t distinguish between “posts” with photos and posts without. Nice display as well. Although I like how RebelMouse automatically places tweets and posts with photos on the front page and those without photos in “Draft.”

    But if I had to choose one at this time – it would indeed be RebelMouse. For a person who blogs and can display their posts visually on the home page of the blog rather than the presentation of posts in a descending date oriented format – it is a big deal. And their recently available direct blogging capability adds considerable value

    1. I haven’t heard of Hypemarks yet. I’ll definitely have to check it out!
      I agree with you that each has is benefits so far. I really enjoy the visual aesthetic of glos.si, especially with the background image and inclusion of every network, but I’m willing to be that RebelMouse owns pulls into the lead once they really get their complete traction.
      Thanks for the comment. I’ll have to look you up on RM or glos.si!

    2. Hey Kenneth,

      Thanks for the kind plug-in for Hypemarks. We have some nifty updates coming out soon, but are open to any ideas/feedback you’d like to see. Always looking to improve Hypemarks with what our users say. Same with you Rob!

      CEO, Hypemarks

      1. Thanks Tim! I’m happy to see a CEO actively watching for keyword and brand name usage. I look forward to checking Hypemarks out. I hope to find some time this weekend to set up a profile. I appreciate the comment.

  2. I have both of them and glos.si mm I don’t sure yet, I like the header, but that I really love is Rebelmouse.

    is nice see sometimes this kind of competition this make better service for users.

    1. Absolutely. Competition among sites definitely benefits the user experience as it pushes sites to make themselves really stand out and offer unique features. I’m really excited to see where both of these sites are going. Thanks for the comment!

  3. I am currently investigating Glos.si myself but have taken a liking to Rebelmouse. So far I am enjoying it at lot, helps bring a lot of content together so our fans/followers can digest content easier.

    Thanks for your article!

    1. They’re both pretty awesome, and RebelMouse has been adding more and more functionality. I like the overall aesthetic of Glos.si, but RebelMouse is pretty much where a lot of the big names in social media are showing up.
      Thanks for the comment!

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